Copywriting – what is it?? Wikipedia (the bible) says ‘Copywriting is the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea.’

copy – text – for the promotion of any business, may not seem that important. These are some of the biggest reasons why copywriters are needed:

1. Time is money.

If advertising is your expertise, if running your business is important to you – you don’t have the extra time to write copy. Letting someone do your writing, in whatever capacity, will not only relieve the pressure of a BIG part of your business, but will give you the time to focus on other things. You have enough to do anyway!

2. It isn’t just writing.

Copywriting involves research, grammatical knowledge, liaising with the press, creating copy that gets people’s attention, putting information into something thats readable, capturing the imagination of the readers, knowing your audience and creating something that appeals to them which involves choosing a tone, voice and message for that particular audience…phew!

3. Copywriting takes study, hard work and commitment.

Keeping up with trends, industry changes and updates, new technology, changes in marketing base, updating writing skills to enable continual effective sales-driven copy. And thats just for starters…

4. Good copy brings good return.

It’s a simple concept – well written copy can make you/your company more money. Industries will pay thousands of pounds for, example, a mail shot to all their clients. Words can have an extraordinary effect, and if mistakes are made, it could have an extraordinary impact on that business. If they are safe in the knowledge that it was written by a professional, there is less chance of a negative impact. Start as you mean to go on.

5. An outside perspective

Copywriters have fresh eyes, a new look on the product. A new addition, with new perspectives, who is trained to research and promoting a product through words? And who loves writing? What a great idea!

In a nutshell –

Copywriters are experts in using words to make you money!