Why don’t I do videos?…I think my voice is too high-pitched and a bit plummy – like i’m auditioning for the next series of The Crown.

BUT there’s always an exception. In my case, it’s for a cause that’s close to my heart.

I have volunteered as the PR and Communications officer for a charity for the last 5 years; there are a small number of volunteers in our committee that dedicate their entire year to this cause.

We organise and host a huge public event in my home town. It’s a ‘Carnival Day’ based around 2 processions of floats – large vehicles, small vehicles, walking entries, marching bands, majorettes, weird and wonderful vehicles and anyone else who enters to parade our streets in front of a 10,000-strong crowd!

Each participant collects pennies from the crowds in ‘penny pots’, which are counted during the week that follows Carnival Day (last year this figure totalled £5,500!) We donate ALL of this figure to charities and organisations in and around Ringwood that need our help.

We ALSO have a funfair running for 3 days, street entertainers, A village green ‘marketplace’, bands playing around the town, a popular quiz and more…people of the town (and visitors!) LOVE CARNIVAL!

…so when the coronavirus outbreak occurred, the committee had to make the difficult decision as to whether or not we had to cancel this beloved event. For the ultimate safety of others, we unanimously decided that it couldn’t go ahead this year.

But we didn’t want to make a standard announcement. We wanted to show our own disappointment as well as explaining the reasons why we had come to the decision.

The committee said: “Ooh we could do a video!” and “But who should do it?’

There were suggestions – “Our chairman?” (male) “our president?” (also male)

It was decided that it would look better coming from a female, and, as I was Press Officer, what about me?

My response: “I don’t DO videos!” But I knew I had to do it. It was important.

Jay Cox, from Fizeek Media, came to film me (in my garden, at a distance) and if it wasn’t for his professional direction, experience, editing and making me laugh in between my serious speech (those who know me know I don’t DO serious) then we would have scrapped the video idea toute suite.

So I DO DO videos (but I still sound plummy)

Do something that makes you uncomfortable – especially if it’s for an important cause. I’m so glad I did.

Click here for the finished video! (sorry about my very serious face)