Alix King Freelance Copywriter

I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter living and working in Bournemouth.

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What is a copywriter?

According to the web ‘bible’ Wikipedia, copywriting is ‘the act of writing copy (text) for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea.’

Don’t confuse this with copyright: ‘a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it’. That’s patents.

Copywriters are experts in using words to make you money.

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Why do you need a copywriter?

Time is money – let the copywriter do the hard work for you. It isn’t just writing – copywriting involves research, grammatical knowledge, tone of voice…and that’s just for starters!

Copywriting takes study, hard work and commitment. Keeping up with industry updates, new technology and changes in marketing, copywriters create good copy that brings good return and has an extraordinary impact on your business.

With new eyes and a new look on the product, they are invaluable members of your team.

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SEO Content Writer

I create web content that is perfect for all SEO requirements without sacrificing quality.


We’ve all been using Facebook and Twitter for years now. Although fun at first, social media has now become a very successful tool for brand awareness. I can engage with your audience and customers using correct tone of voice. Through thorough research and perfectly placed content, I can help select the key social ingredients to devise a plan to increase your brand awareness.

Proofreading and Editing

It’s extremely important to get things right – and making sure your copy, in whatever form, is accurate enough becomes a big task.


Let me read your document, however big or small. I can guarantee that through my love of words and meticulous checking that your copy is perfect.

Social Media

We’ve all been using Facebook and Twitter for years now. Although fun at first, social media has now become a very successful tool for brand awareness.


I can engage with your audience and customers using correct tone of voice.

Through thorough research and perfectly placed content, I can help select the key social ingredients to devise a plan to increase your brand awareness.



I began my writing career as a freelance journalist, working for magazines in London.


I can write an editorial piece for you with an extensive understanding of how that particular piece fits for every media platform.

Be it a magazine, newspaper or your own website and/or social media site, you can be safe in the knowledge that I can write an intelligent, witty article for your brand.

Digital Copywriting

Website, emails, e-shots, social media tools and adverts.


Copy in the digital age can come in all different shapes and sizes. Given a brief I can write for your chosen market, with the correct tone of voice.

Website Content

From FAQs to product pages to mobile pages, we need wording for websites to sound good.


I can deliver content on brand, on brief and on time, to an understanding of how text works online.
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Alix King sitting on sofa writing in a notebook

My writing history…

Since graduating in journalism in 2001, I have always tried to put my copywriting skills to good use. I have changed from a girl who thought she was destined to write for Cosmopolitan, to a woman who has been shocked and even blown away by the extent as to how I can use my first love, writing, in several different forms.

I worked as a freelance writer for lads mags in London during and following my degree; I learned a great deal working for two major publishing companies; one national magazine and the other an international publication.

After working at the magazines I decided to travel for 6 months, and when I returned, commenced my CPE in Law at Bournemouth University.

It was a fantastic challenge, and after graduating, I secured a placement in London to work as a legal writer for a large international sports agency.

I then had the chance to work abroad in Bermuda as a media reporter for a Criminal Barrister; attending high court and then producing reports for the media, opposing law firms and Bermuda law reports.

Since returning from overseas, I have worked for several different industries in a freelance capacity; a content writer for the head of SEO and CRO for a growing digital agency in Bournemouth, Editor for an in-house luxury hotel group magazine, an advertising copywriter, social media manager and restaurant reviewer among other freelance positions.

About You

I have been approached for my writing help by several different individuals, companies and groups. I enjoy the challenge of a writing ‘problem’ and am confident that I can get my teeth into any writing test!

Read what others say about me…

As you would’ve read, Alix is something of a Polymath. I believe that makes her very good at writing copy. She can write and edit for offline and online, and for the latter – she knows the dark arts of SEO and how to weave the story in and out of social media for max effect. Her breadth of experience means she’s wise with the words and won’t let superlatives complicate the communication (unless you really want them to). She has a sharp wit and a good work ethical so more often than not, she’ll be badgering you for more detail/info/evidence. – I suspect this is from her days in journalism and law so you have been warned. Suffice to say that I would recommend Alix in a heartbeat.
George Beverley

Creative Director, Flourish Digital & Direct Marketing

Alix – just a quick note to say thanks very much for the work on our current Harbour Hotels company magazine, along with all the ad hoc marketing collateral you also helped out with, such as wedding brochures and restaurant adverts.

I must say I don’t tend to outsource our work, but from the get go you had so much enthusiasm and commitment that you put me at ease and it worked brilliantly.

I also have to note that the research you carried out prior to commencing the project goes to show how important every job is to you. No doubt we will be calling upon your services in the future.

Andy Dawson

Sales and Marketing Director, Harbour Hotels

As a copywriter of many years standing, I had the pleasure of working alongside Alix for several months, and I can wholeheartedly recommend her. She has all the chops: creative, fast, accurate, thorough, versatile and a great sense of humour. Cool trousers, too.
Adam Liddell

Senior Copywriter, Aylesworth Fleming

Alix is a wonderfully talented writer who has helped me on numerous projects. She has a power with words, huge depth of knowledge and she’s incredibly dedicated to researching her subject. Above all, her attention to detail and grammar is unbelievable. I’m almost worried about her finding an error in this recommendation. Fingers cross. Speak to Alix about content and copy. Always!

Carl Cahill

Creative Director and Founder, Salo Creative

From the corporate boilerplate to the informal editorial — Alix spins any sentence with deft skill, pulling words from an abundant lexicon. While always, at the heart of it the most thoroughly entertaining character to talk to. She’s lived a hell of a life, something that clearly adds that unique flavour to what she writes.

Ciaran Horrex

Founding Partner and Designer, Kin

Alix is a great writer. Actually she is exceptional. A fab person who really takes the time to understand the brief and audience. Then sets to it with an expectations flair.

My only worry writing this recommendation is that I am the worlds worst writer and I am sure she will pull my up on my use of grammar and spelling because I have no clue. Another reason why I like working with Alix. Oh and in addition to all of the above I prefer her way of spelling Alix. It’s rather cool.

Ps: Alix also now writes for my clients and they are chuffed!

Lee Hill

Founder & MD, Insightful UX

Not based in Bournemouth?

Whatever your writing needs, I’m always happy to meet and chat through your requirements. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting. Having worked in London for many years, I don’t have a problem going further afield to talk about what I can do for you. Try me! We can always Skype chat, telephone or email.

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Say Hello!

Call me on 07703 402633

If you’re abroad (send me some sun) it’s +44 7703 402633

I’m often out and about so I always appreciate a short description of your writing needs emailed to

I am a coffee addict so can always meet for a cappuccino!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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