A blog post for one of my clients, Beach and Body swimwear boutique in Westbourne.


You’ve decided to treat yourself to a winter holiday. You always prefer a beach holiday to skiing, but have you thought about going on a cruise?

Here are some reasons to sail the high seas:



Fantastic food

Cruise ships have fantastic restaurants; they also have very talented chefs creating gastronomic masterpieces. Think a la Carte food in one place – and available every day of your holiday. Some cruise lines now have celebrity chefs on board! According to cruise critic, you are able to taste sushi culinary delights from Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa on Crystal Cruises. Yum!

Perfect pampering

The best beauty treatments can be experienced on cruise ships. On Costa cruises, they offer ‘A different pleasure every day’ from Therapeutic stone massages to ‘Samsara Dream’ – an experience which, they say, helps you to achieve ‘perfect harmony.’ Find out more here – sit back, relax and enjoy some tranquility…

Value for money

Most facilities onboard are free of charge. This includes food at many restaurants and outlets, fully equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools and numerous onboard sports and activities are available whenever you require. This leaves more budget for off board excursions, luxury cocktails or even a spin in the casino!

Adventure at (s) ease

Imagine being transported to a new fantastic location while you eat, drink and be merry. Wake up from your slumber, having arrived in a brand new destination to explore! Spend a day in New York City, then an island in the Caribbean the next. What a fantastic adventure!