The English language. It’s confusing. There are many words that sound the same. There are many words that look the same that don’t sound the same (What – school and schedule don’t sound the same?) You can put apostrophes (note: they aren’t pronounced apostroffes) instead of a letter; even instead of a few letters! They’re used all the time. (see?) And it’s and its and it is. Don’t get me started here. Hear that? I think we need to go back to the basics. If not just for me to remind myself but for the benefit of others. Even if it is (it’s) just for my piece of mind. Here we go….

What is a VERB?

A verb is a ‘doing’ word. An ‘action’ of some sort.

This can be a physical action:
She swam. She walked. She ran.

This can be a mental action:
To think. To guess. To decide.

This can also be a state of being:
To exist. To appear. To stand.

A few examples where verbs are used:

She always walked to the shops.

He worked so many hours that he became tired.

– see how worked isn’t an action? But if it used in a different context, it can be:
The solution definitely worked.

Here it is used to describe something in a mental action.

Next time: Adverbs!