chapter one“I love it when a plan comes together.” Smiles Hannibal, cigar wedged between teeth, leather-gloved hand showing a thumbs-up.

But was that plan ALL yours, John ‘Hannibal’ Smith?

Steve Jobs used to stand up on stage, bowing to the public; delighted about the emergence of the new iPhone.

But did he thank all the developers, researchers, techies, PR officers, marketers, tea makers and interns? Probably not. Because there will always be two types of people in this world; glory seekers and worker bees.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing, no siree! I’m quite happy to be working on a project, without ever being in the limelight.

This doesn’t mean I’m not confident – I can hold court quite well thank you very much, and have bored entire tables at weddings with my love of words, films and Marvel comics…

If anything, I like the mystery and miscellany that takes place when working for a client; producing copy that not only represents that brand, but gives it a voice, a personality and a place in this world. When a brand owner, agency boss or product manufacturer stands up and is proud of my work – that’s the best part for me! They accept my talent, like my work and are happy (and hopefully proud) to call it their own.

I read in the Evening Standard this week that Natalie Massenet, founder of global success online fashion store Net-a-Porter has agreed a £2.3 billion merger with its rival, Yoox. In 2010, when Richemont bought the brand, it was valued at $533 million and employed some 2,600 staff.

I worked for Net-a-Porter back in 2003 when it was just over 2 years old, employed just 40 staff and occupied just two floors near Great Portland Street. It was a fascinating insight to a starter company, ideas thrown together with attitude and a force to be reckoned with.

Models turned up for castings and sat on the floor in reception, everyone used the same one meeting room and when the team needed help putting ribbons on the boxes for delivery we all helped out.

Now when I read story after story about the rise and rise of Natalie and her brand, I’m happy that I was a small part of its rise – not its glossy finish and definitely not its success, but a part of the beginnings of a brand story when it started. The ‘spit and sawdust’ part, not the flashy cocktail parties.

That’s how I feel about my copywriting. Be it branding a product, writing a website or creating blog posts monthly for a thriving business, I enjoy creating something that my clients are grateful for – and sometimes overjoyed to receive!

I’m a part of each and every one of my clients’ success. I add significant, and always essential, content to their business. Most of the time this is anonymously – but I’m happy with that. A happy worker bee I am, not a glory seeker. But don’t forget –  no queen bee was ever successful without her workers. I’m sure Ms Massenet remembers that.