keep calm

They said: “Give us five reasons why you would be perfect for the job”


I said:


I love writing. I love content in a variety of genres and have fully enjoyed every job that has been entrusted to me (even the more challenging ones..) and have seen every one of those challenges as an experience, learning along the way. (i’m a self-professed geek and love to learn)


Here’s my five reasons why I would be PERFECT for this job:


1. I love to meet people. Networking is my thing and I can get on with people from all walks of life, putting all clients who meet me fully at ease with their brand in my writing hands.


2. Let’s blue sky it. Being relatively new to agency jargon (I worked for my first agency in 2011) it didn’t take me long to understand ‘agency speak’ and have been told that one of my strengths is that I don’t particularly need a detailed brief – a chat and insight into the brand, market, audience and client ideas is usually enough for me.


3. “You’re saying you don’t like it?” I’m pretty thick-skinned and can take constructive criticism – even full-on comments of “this is awful!” I’m used to clients saying and thinking they know better. I can usually talk them around with my sweet grin (and good ideas obviously).


4. I love Bournemouth. I grew up here, then moved away to Uni, have lived in London and even Bermuda, but the pull of Bournemouth was always stronger. My family has a business here and I am famously proud of my home town, always promoting it when I can. I love the local brands and have almost a sick passion for it – I think this comes across in my work. I like freelancing, but would really like to put down my roots and be part of a winning team.


5. I live just down the road. Boscombe Spa to be exact – I even made it to work in the snow at the start of this year, when many didn’t. if that’s not a good reason to be perfect for the role…