And so begins my day…

My day starts early with a breakfast meeting at Cafe Boscanova, walkable from my office (in my house).

Not only did I meet with one of my favourite ex-colleagues, client and friend Adie who has recently started his own business, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) for businesses (, we were also served beautiful coffee.

I have interviewed Joel (founder of Boscanova and owner of two more local coffee houses) for a piece on coffee, and his passion for the black stuff is remarkable. I am a coffee snob and I love that this specialist is just round the corner!


a day in the life 1

I walk back to my desk at home. I love being the boss of me. I pour myself another coffee (I live on coffee) and sit at my desk. A few email replies later, I set about writing some blog posts for one client – a university research department, and some social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for another – a local swimwear boutique. It all seems more like fun rather than work, as I enjoy it so much! (sorry people who hate their job!)

We are all creatures of habit (me included), and when I am working from home I absolutely hate to miss Popmaster on Radio 2 at 10.30 am. It makes me feel (as I don’t have a strict timetable) that I have a relatively structured day.

a day in the life.homePG

Time for my next meeting with another client, a local family business that produces beautiful handmade party goods. This meeting falls at lunchtime, and we choose a local noodle bar. It’s simple but effective; think benches, or high tables with stools and simple bright lighting. I am also a restaurant critic, and this place is definitely going on my list.


We talk about social media campaigns; press releases and I eat one of the hottest green curries I have ever tasted! I leave, sweating, and make for my next stop.

a day in tge life noodlesG

I am now at funky local digital agency Adido. As a freelance copywriter, I am often commissioned to work for agencies that don’t employ full time copywriters in-house. This time I am meeting with one of my favourite clients, a producer of laser engraved crystal products. I write blog posts and news pieces for them and it is such an interesting subject!




a day in the life 2.JAdido PG

Back home, and back to my writing. This time it’s for me, and typing some of my novel while I have the chance!





Evening is here and I am off to enjoy a night of glitz and glamour, watching Brendan Cole (from Strictly Come Dancing) on his tour show. What an experience! Although not at work, I never miss an opportunity and tweet some of the dancers, in the hope that I could be their on-tour journalist…*sigh*

brendan cole

Home again and quick check of client emails before bed. I am always working – and you know what? I love it!






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